Monday, December 7, 2015

KBAR 9: New boy

  A new character comes into the story and he's a prince since he's a prince, and goes to the school for good. His name is Tedros, and his background is that he is King Arthur's son.  Tedros makes Agatha's and Sophie relationship worse the reason why is because Sophie want's to go to the School for good and want's to have a happy ending with and prince. She wants Tedros to be her prince charming, but what she doesn't know is that Tedros is meant to be with someone else.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

KBAR 8: Agatha's attempt

 During school Agatha tried to escape to go to the School of evil to get Sophie and her home. When Agatha got to the school and found Sophie. Sophie tried to get switch clothes with Agatha, and go to the School for good. When Sophie got the School for good uniform on it changed into the School for evil uniform. The same had happened to Agatha. The school for good took Agatha back to school. When Agatha was taken back she was shock when she realized Sophie didn't care about Agatha, she only cared about going to the School for good.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

KBAR 7: Bad day at school for Agatha and Sophie

 Since both Agatha and Sophie went to different schools they both had a bad day. Sophie was that she got her school schedule like any normal student would, but her schedule said Sophie the witch, she was shocked of course because she thought she was good. Once she got to her dorm she wasn't very welcomed by her roommates. Everyone in the School for Evil was either jealous of her looks, or just didn't like her because she didn't fit in like the rest. Agatha's day was pretty interesting compared to Sophie's. Agatha's first impression to the other girls wasn't very well either. To the other girls Agatha looked like the ugly duckling. Agatha tried to escape the school to get her and Sophie out there, but the other girls were crowding her so the only thing she did was fart so every girl could get away from her.

Monday, November 2, 2015

When is it ok to lie?

 Lying is basically a big part of your life, and you can't really get anywhere with out lying. I lie to people and I feel nothing. I don't feel bad or good about it, their's just no emotion when I do it. Everyone in the world has at least told one lie to someone. I lie to friends, parents, sibling, and teachers. It's normal.

Friday, October 30, 2015

KBAR 6: Introduction to the schools

 This part is about the schools, the school for good teaches the students how to be a princess and a prince. The school for evil teaches the students how to be villains. These two schools apparently keep a balance in the fairy tale world. These schools also teach them how to survive in bad conditions, and how to defend/fight from the good to the evil. I guess only fairy tale characters kids go those schools, reader like Agatha and Sophie rarely go to those schools.

KBAR 5: Sophia's part

 Sophia is getting ready for the "school master" to come and kidnap her and take her to the school of good where she says she belongs. The thing she doesn't know about herself is that inside she is an evil witch. Finally she gets kidnapped like she wanted to, but so does her best friend the "witch" Agatha. Once they get their Sophie is taken to the school for evil, and Agatha gets taken to the school for good.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

KBAR 4: The school for good and evil

 Sophia is a girl who wants to get in the school for good where the future princes and princesses are made.
Sophia is a girl who looks beautiful, but can be a little bratty. Agatha is kinda like the stereotype of an emo, she likes to be alone, always depressed, and always says negative things about life. Agatha and Sophia are best friends even thought Agatha says no I have no best friends they still are best friends. So far what happened in the story is around the time in the story the " school master" is coming to take two children, and one of them will go to the school for good, and the other will go to the school for evil. Sophia is very confident that she will go to the school for good because she's beautiful, and loves the color pink.